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*****The Official Rangers Vs Livingston Match Thread*****

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54 minutes ago, GaryMc said:

Amazing the difference he's made! Fucking yasss! 

Wright has a long way to go to get anywhere near Hagi's level!

There’s nobody else in Scottish football who can do what Hagi does. Nobody.

He had Livi pooping their pants from the time he walked in the field.

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12 minutes ago, LegendofCoop said:

You must be in your 90's then mate!! :lol: I'm 51 mate. Been spoiled with some incredibly talented players over the years huh!! 

Those were probably 3 of the best mate, but there must be other fine examples too.

I can't believe how stale our midfield looks this season!

We didn't know at the time how good it was, going to Ibrox in the 1990s was something else, it really was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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12 minutes ago, Moody Blue said:

In fairness mate, it's more about the polarising views of RM than specifically what you said.  Here's hoping it's a fitness thing rather than he runs like Pena. 

Aye, this place can be mental at times :lol: 

Sure it will be mate. Sure I read somewhere he had only played 1 game since February??

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The first half was painful to watch at times but much better in the second half.  Glad Hagi is back.  He was always looking to do something creative every time he got the ball.  Too many in our team look for the easy pass back but he's always looking for the next attack.

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That second half was much more like it, putting quick passes together to get us up the park before they had the chance to camp their 10 man defence, Hagi makes such a huge difference in games like that and he lifted the whole team. 

Some big decisions to be made for this weekends game now. 

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