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Who should be our first choice left back?

Who Should Be Our First Choice Left Back?  

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  1. 1. Who should be our first choice left back?

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Went for Flannigan as the lesser of three evils, H e looked solid at the end of last season and I'm hoping it will just take him some time to get up to speed after his double hernia op. In saying that I think we should be looking to offload barisic and try to get in some quality for that position because we are seriously weak there.

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2 hours ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

None of them tbh. None are strong at the back on the ground, in the air, and can attack like a wing back and assist from out wide. So it's rightly a game by game selection decision for the gaffer imo.

IMO Barisic, the only natural LB has become an enigma and can't be trusted. He is contually a let down. Just lacks the character or to be more blunt, a spine.

Flanagan does have defender qualities, but they are limited and not played on his natural side. Not the quickest. Not your attacking type. I would be interested to see him on the right anf if there is a big improvement.

Andy not a natural defender, but does do the job. Defensive awareness not the best, but has  the pace and decent going forward in getting in cross balls and shots on target. Doesn't do prisoners. Very much the utility player and can pretty much slot in anywhere.

We now have Polson who looks no slouch. Do we again try makeshift and try him at LB? Can't see the point in that.

For me the benchmark is against the scum, so who can cope the best against them, then we persist with him in the jersey until a proper replacement is found. Thus far, I'd say it's Andy and use him in the league games. If we get into the EL group stage, then slot in Barisic to see if there is an improvement, but I have my doubts. 

I also think Flanagan is the worst of  the three and only cameo appearances as a sub. Can't see him here next season.





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Don't think there's a massive crisis with the left back position...think a lot of our fans are looking for a problem that isn't really there. Flanagan had a poor performance last night admittedly (players have bad games every now and again just like we have bad days at work...we're only human), but think Barasic and Halliday are both more than capable should Gerrard feel he needs to rotate the position after poor performances.

One thing I will say is that I liked the look of their left wing back Andersson last night (number 6)...think he is one to keep an eye on before the transfer window shuts. Might be able to get him cheap. Thought he looked capable going forward and in defence last night...looked like he had a great turn of pace and looked confident with the ball at his feet.

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Flanagan and halliday are both out of contract at the end of the season so I think he will persevere with what he's got and address it at the end of the season.

For me although Barisic has looked vulnerable I think we need to give him about 5/6 games on the bounce to get into a rhythm and see if his performances pick up, the problem is he's made of paper and seems to get wee injuries all the time.

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Barisic.    IMO he is good enough to adapt more fully and effectively to the game in Scotland and to the responsibility of playing for Rangers.            

Besides which he is an international player for a top internationals side and has earned that through his playing credentials.   Something which neither Flanagan or Halliday could remotely aspire to achieve.    

Whether Gerrard believes he is adapting and progressing quickly enough is a different matter altogether.   If Gerrard has marked his cards as being closer to the Grezda outcome than to the Katic outcome then there may be no way back for the player.   He'd be stuck in a squad but not getting many games and for an international player with hopes of progressing his international career he'd then become dissatisfied to the point of needing to get out.    To an extent its also up to Gerrard - does he think he can get the player to improve or has he in effect given up on him.     Maybe a journo who is brave (or stupid) enough could ask Gerrard for his current views on Barisic and why he is not playing.   

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Then there is the RB slot. Again not any better imo than the LB.

Poor outballs. Square passing. Poor final balls. Out of position. Happens pretty much every game. 

Haven't seen a polished performance this season in that slot.

If that is the standard, we aint aiming high. Living on his performances on the latter part of last season.

We have pretty much improved on every area, but not in LB or RB. IMO, our two weakest areas. Is Polson it? I guess we'll never know, because Tav doesn't get benched.

I notice Alfie was picked up by some on misplaced passes, but no one appears to pick up on Tav's, which have been far more. Strange.



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