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Had actually done ok in a few games this season. But he will always revert back to this type of performance. 

Worst thing about this cunt is you can tell he isn’t trying. This is a guy who when he feels like it can look powerful driving forward from midfield so he’s not slow. When chasing back tonight he clearly chucked it, wasn’t interested in running back. Get him binned. 

Never been one of these who always shout play the kids when it’s bad. But out Rice in and give him a run. Cannot be worse. 

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Apart from the Euro run and the odd other game here and there he's plodded through games. 

Terrible last night. I'd go as far as saying Dessers was better. At least Dessers threatened a couple of times and near had a goal.

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Lundstrum is now looking out for Lundstrum. He's moved into full throttle not giving a fuck mode.

It was an abysmal performance and reeks of someone who's checked out. The assist was fine, but it nowhere near made up for how much his play hindered and cost us last night.

Out of contract this summer, best all round if we replaced him with Bailey Rice wherever possible, and got him out the door if possible in January even if for free.  I don't think he likes the criticism and will probably offer even worse performances if he continues to be selected.

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31 minutes ago, MayboleLoyal_atb said:

Worst player on the park and that’s quite some achievement

Yeah to be actually worse than Lammers and Dessers sums up how bad he was last night.

Normally I don’t mind seeing him in the lineup as he offers more than Jack but that really should be his last game for us as he didn’t give a fuck when that boy was running by him for the 2nd goal.

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He’s been living off two games where he excelled.

Dortmond away and the old firm game where he put McGregor 4 feet in the air.

Other than that he’s either been bang average, poor or absolute shite.

How he remained on the pitch for 45 minis let alone 90 last night is beyond comprehension.


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