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Gerrard : Post Match Reaction


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He is not the best player obviously, but I am delighted for Andy, he proved many of us wrong by Stevie keeping him last season and hope he is here for as long as he can be. 

As @born a blue nose said above his answer about the fans was just fantastic. 👏

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15 minutes ago, BlueMe said:

Going in at half time with a 6 nil aggregate lead and the manager isn't happy.

That's the mentality Gerrard brings to the club and it's fantastic to see tbh.

And whatever he said worked - huge difference in the 2nd half

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5 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

The introduction of Arfield for Hastie made a difference.

Too often the midfield, and mostly Kamara, took the safe option and played back or sideways, even when the space was there ahead to move into.

Arfield's first involvement he could have played safely, but dropped the shoulder and burst forward. That was the changing point, and the team suddenly defaulted to forward thinking rather than playing safe but boring football.

Gerrard spot on.

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