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Edmiston House Patrons Package.

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Basically, if you've got the cash, fuck everybody that's on MyGers or attended all games that they could, you'll get a ticket, they won't.IMG_20230113_155734.thumb.jpg.71867297d47281eda91ce622ceeb84f4.jpg

Loyalty pushed aside for the rich.

This package was created by Stewart Robertson and is via invite only.

If you've got a spare fifty grand and support Rangers, expect Robertson to be in touch, with his begging bowl.


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1 minute ago, Madina said:

£50k for THAT. Deary me

Belter eh? you get access to any game you want, league, cup, European, doesn't matter.

and dinner at EH with Stewart Robertson!!

Well worth the 50k... Plus VAT


The bogging begging bastards!!


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Just now, .Williamson. said:

With the allocation for the away game at parkhead as it is plus the likes of this coming in the away end will be creating some atmosphere 

"FIGHT!!! AND WIN!!!! But first, how is NXB doing on the exchange?"

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10 minutes ago, The Dude said:

Businesses will do it. Lifetime advertising at Ibrox and guaranteed tickets for 50k is a steal.

Correct. It’s quite clearly a more corporate aimed package that to your average punter. It is effectively an advertising/sponsorship deal.

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Is there small print tbh at lifetime is for the lifetime of the mygers scheme?  A different board may want to scrap it and I’d not be best pleased if I’d paid £50k…

Just recall that weird membership scheme in 2014 or thereabouts - can’t remember what it was called but got a wee badge and certificate.  Didn’t cost £50k mind….

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2 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Which shafts the average fan

Yip. It’s all about money at the end of the day, and as Dude points out in another post screams a capital raising exercise really

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