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Uefa charge


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2 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

Still a shower of cowardly bastards running us

Wait until they get going with how they plan to obtain the same 'amended behaviours' for domestic games.   What's going on now could just be for starters. 

Because one thing is for sure, if the Support let rip on Sunday and at future domestic games, the media and the Scottish football authorities are surely bound to be emboldened by the FARE/UEFA approach with punishments dished out and look to implement the same.  

Or...……..in my view likely by this Board...……...the Board takes similar pre-emptive action to the line taken with the first away leg game in Europe and starts to decline tickets for certain domestic away games and maybe even voluntarily closes bits of Ibrox until King etc see and hear a Support that has come to behavioural heel.      

I just can't see this Board having the balls to let a twin track approach happen of one behavioural line for European games and a looser leash for domestic games.     They'll look to get the same behaviours for both and use the UEFA punishment route as the precedent to self-impose bans on for certain domestic games.   

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2 minutes ago, Bad Robot said:

I’m thinking that’s us finished with these charges and thank fk.

lets get smarter Bears and Bearettes

Hopefully that is correct as far as UEFA and their competition  is concerned.    I don't think its finished in Scotland though.    I can't see the Board contenting itself with a dual track approach of one set of behaviours / singing rules for European games and a looser set for domestic games.   For a start the media and domestic football authorities will use it as leverage week in and week out as hypocritical.    I think its possible the Board may itself look to get changed behaviours / singing applied in domestic games too.   I may be very wrong on this and they may be happy to live with a dual behaviours approach between European and domestic games and live with the media and political charges of hypocracy but I don't think this Board has the stomach for that kind of extended wrangle.     I think they are setting about dealing with this in the domestic game too in which case the wrangle would continue until there is a winner.

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6 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Thank fuck UEFA officials never walked up Buchanan street before the game and took offence..........to a sticker..:no:


Good grief.  Media is now going all out with the knives. 

Who is this Paul Davis character also? 

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