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Unusual to have all candidates from one club. Disappointed Duffy not an option.  

Goldson easy

P.O.T.Y.  Sloppy.

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All four have been excellent this season no doubt:

Tav =  The numbers

Goldson = A rock at the back

Davis = Steady eddie at his grand old age, we don't control so many games without him

Greegs = So many game winning saves


An arguement can be made for all 4 but for me Tav's numbers outway the rest ever so slightly.

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Shagger’s been unreal this season, especially when you consider his age. He’s saved us at big times. Love the guy.

But, for a side which has controlled so many games against top sides, played outstanding football and scored so many great goals, it almost seems wrong to give it to the keeper. 

Tav started incredibly but tailed off just before Christmas. Goldson’s been a rock and a man on a mission.

It’s Davis for me, but I couldn’t fault any of them being picked. 

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Goldson for me.... He has played every single game... scored some good goals including a double against the scum... marshalled the defence superbly all year... maintained his levels throughout the season... 

Davis a close second but wasnt as consistent which is very understandable given his age and the international games he played.

Tav played half the season really, incredible half season but half, none-the-less

McGregor is the last line of defence and as such excelled only when everything else had been breached, always a great quality for a Rangers keeper. I imagine he faced the fewest shots in the league and although he is invaluable to us I still think Goldson edges him

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Davis has been my favourite current Rangers player for the past year and I would be delighted to see him take this. That said, whoever takes this award thoroughly deserves it, such a difficult decision for the writers. I think they will give it to Tav as captain of the title winning team and because of his amazing stats.

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I certainly wouldn't argue with any of these four getting the title. But for me, it's our captain I would vote for.

He already looks pretty much back to his best, and these crosses he was putting in at the weekend were sublime.

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Tav’s numbers were incredible in the first half of the season, tailed off since Xmas so it’s one of the other three for me but take your pick, they all admirably stake a claim. Shagger and Davis get more plaudits because of their ages than Goldson but he’s played every minute. Splinters in my arse!!  Erm, Shagger has won us points that I don’t think the others single-handedly have. 

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4 hours ago, Colin Traive said:

Unusual to have all candidates from one club.

Disappointed Duffy not an option.


saw a bit on the bbc gossip thing today saying if derby stay up rooney is going to try and get duffy for next season

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