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*****The Official Europa League Final Match Thread*****

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Just now, xaldub said:

Poor performance thus far .... team looks nervous as hell and the tactics aren't working. Back pass, back pass etc. Kind of telling when our best player at the moment is Wright. And the support .... can barely hear them. Start singing lads, get behind the f'ing team for chrissakes !

Think Kent has been very good.

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Not sure if that pitch has been watered or not, but it seems to be sticking......some balls just not running as they would and I think that's holding us up a bit. We are miles off normal form though. Hopefully that was our shit 45 mins. We have good options on the bench though, so hopefully we have a goal or two in us :pipe:

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Just now, Madina said:

Havent taken a hit from my vape for about 3 hours but had to just before half time. Terrible from us for a final. Heavy vibes of Braga/RB away but no Ibrox to fall back on 

I've had to refill mines about 3 times haha

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I think we can all agree that was a massively underwhelming 45 minutes, players and fans alike underperformed.

But the important thing is it’s still 0-0 we can go into the 2nd half with a clean slate and hopefully turn this game around.

I said it earlier but I’ll say it again every fan you know in the stadium, message them like fuck and ensure they know they have been totally outsung and to redeem themselves in the 2nd half.

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Just now, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

We're not getting him on the ball enough but his workrate's been very good.

Think if Bassey was behind him he'd get more. Barasics lack of pace means he can't be as free running at them.


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