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He has been a brilliant manager, and there was a time in the mid 00's where Wenger was arguably the very best coach in the world.

However.... those days are gone, and the last 5-6yrs have seen an aging manager unable to lift the team to where he once could. It certainly is 3-4yrs overdue.

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Long overdue. It's been what, 14 years or so since a last title win?

It's very clear that the hostility from his own fans and the media/pundits/opposition fans over the past 3 or 4 years has evaporated any passion left in him. He's even started to look like some sort of lizard the amount of stress he's been under.

If I was a gunner, with the amount of money they pay to watch their team i'd be demanding they splash the cash and win the league again soon before it reaches 2 decades of being title-less.


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Great historic manager but his accomplishments really don’t look as impressive as they seem under scrutiny. 


In 22 years he’s only won 3 leagues (One Invincible which is fair enough), 7 FA Cups (Impressive), 0 league cups and 0 European trophies. Not *that* spectacular a CV. 


As for where he’ll go next, if he doesn’t retire, my bets on Monaco as it looks like Jardim could be leaving. 

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7 hours ago, BRITNEY IS NOT FEELING IT said:

Hope the Gunners win the Europa Cup , n give him a good send off 

The man gets heavy pelters, but what he's done there is unbelievable. He's basically paid for the stadium off with his consistent CL finishes and the transfers (Henry ect)

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