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Early days, and give him time etc... 

But, the early signs don't look great tbh. Even if he was fully fit and match sharp, i can't see how he's going to fit our style. His pace looks to be his best asset, which is great if he gets the space to run in behind, but most teams we play sit in and defend on the six yard box the entire game.

Maybe playing alongside Morelos could be an option, who knows.


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1 minute ago, sergi1980 said:

Agree with everything you said, it's early days but I don think he suits our style of play. He looks like sometimes he struggles to get the ball out from under his feet.

His feet are a long way from his head,lol but seriously,he's not showing much atm,would like to see the young lad who came on v Bury I think and scored.

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1 minute ago, To Be A Ranger said:

Might turn out to be ok if he learns to run straight, tackle, header, dribble or just be able to do anything.

I don't think he's seen a ball before or knows what to do with one. It's like he gets scared of the ball whenever it gets near him


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1 minute ago, sandyinroyalblue said:

How many teams bullied us off the park last season?even if he's just an option off the bench at least he can dish out to centre halves for us.

Being tall doesn't mean he's physical. He certainly doesn't look like he's going to be bullying defenders tbh.

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a few weeks ago I watched his highlights from the Rio Olympics, I think Nigeria got to the final and he scored 4 goals in 6 games. he does have a bit more to his game than pace but it's definatley his biggest asset .

as has been said his pace may be more difficult to exploit due to the way teams play against us in domestic games ,maybe if we get to the Europa league he can get some game time and show us some of what he can do 

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