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Let’s add it to the list of corrupt organisations associated in some way with Football.

SFA, SPFL, FARE, UEFA, FIFA, SNP...all corrupt to the core!

Whoever owns the Scottish Soltaire “SFA + SPFL, Corrupt to the Core” flag in the Copland Rear on match days is gonna have to buy a bigger flag...

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27 minutes ago, 2nd Flute said:

Nothing new mate tbh, we've always known they are absolute scum, and FARE are pro tarrier, let's get our own house in order, stop singing the songs that get Rangers into bother, then go after these bastards.

why wait ?

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2 minutes ago, Blue Avenger said:

LBH, all that is behind FARE and all their plastics are nothing more than dissident, malcontent, terrorist loving scum of the earth that  do not fucking deserve to inhabit one piece of this dear land.

There are those you can trust and those you can be friends with and then there are taigs.

They are a cancer that need expunged from society and wish incurable ill on every last fucking one of them. 

So you don’t like them then. 😂😂

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1 minute ago, slimjim1690 said:

why wait ?

No wait, stop the songs, then Rangers can start to question FARE, and question why the tarriers have been fined umpteen times, but no sections of their stadium closed down, they simply can't do that while Bears are singing songs that UEFA see as sectarian. 

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