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For me that goal


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Just now, SkylineBlue said:

Got offered a ticket but couldn't go. Absolutely delighted and depressed to fuck at the same time right now. 



Mate it was so tense the night. It had everything, scraps, two sets of fans goading each other and a last minute Rangers fucking winner.

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8 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

Maybe just shades Edu's goal. They scenes were absolutely fucking pandemonium when that went in. 

I sat elsewhere the night and didn't know anyone. By full time I knew the guy 14 rows in front of me.

Absolutely love this club what a fucking night.

Tbh mate I'd say Alfredo's night was a McCoist like night

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Just now, LegendofCoop said:

Has anyone seen my dug?

She ran out the door when I screamed for the winner.....cannae find her!! 

I woke up my 3 year old daughter, there were tears lol.

She should be used to it now though, the scream when we score …:lol:

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