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We’re winning it

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18 minutes ago, The Godfather said:


You can't win things when you get cheated out of points.

We are behind already due to none of our own doing and it's the first fucking game, can you imagine the OF games? 

Were you not quite vocal against the paranoid loyal last season GF?

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2 minutes ago, Amac9 said:

We are not winning the title with a poor front 3 of Murphy, Morelos and Windass.

Comfortably finish second, win at least 1 cup and give the filth a proper challenge and we'll have done alright.

perhaps we win it with Sadiq, Kent and one more recruit to come in. We will start scoring soon.

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Just now, Bluepeter9 said:

Sigh! The big bad boys will stop us - it’s a conspiracy I tell ye!

If you honestly believe that refereeing performance was honest you’re genuinely no well ya tarrier fuck. 

We’ll win against everyone and you

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9 minutes ago, Sportingintegritymyarse said:

We're you not quite vocal against the paranoid loyal last season GF?

Half way through the season things changed for me. I think we in general go on about reds and pens ect which i think can go against or for you just the way of football but that today and last season with hivs has cemented the issue of cheating. We looked superb and were all over they cunts and with one brush off the ball, a nothing incident that you see every week gets us a red? Then the pen which was blatant and the guy hauled him down in front of an open goal isn't even booked? It was a stone wall red card. Jack got assaulted and fuck all

It's something we are going to see a lot of this season because they cunts know how much we have improved.

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