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Most Exotic/Interesting/Unlikely/Awful Places You've Watched A Gers Game


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Just opened the current "Koh Samui" thread thinking we were about to sign some Asian whiz kid, only to find out it was a place in Thailand where a Gers fan was keen to watch our game whilst ogling ladyboys in a local pub.

8 out of 10 for cool place to watch a game.

So what's the most interesting places fellow posters have watched a  Gers game when they couldn't get to Ibrox?


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Phuket, Pattaya, New York, Chengdu, Palawan, Manila, Bangkok, Brisbane, Melbourne.  Scottish Cup Final Vs Hibs where we fucked it alongside Michael Mols and Marvin Andrews in Hong Kong RSC.  The Brisbane RSC was usually very busy and the Hong Kong RSC was absolutely bouncing when we beat the filth on pens in the semi.

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Mentioned it a few times on here but here I go again. 

In the Jr ratings mess on board HMS Dragon, about 50 of us piled in to watch the game on the wee screens in there, it was the mental league clinching battering we gave Killie in 2011. 

Ship was pitching and rolling about like fuck as well, also I was dipping my shift for it.  :lol:

Absolute fuckin scenes man.  Never forget that day. 

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watched the Inter Milan Home CL match in a sports shop in Victoria near Vancouver in 05, as soon as the game finished the tv coverage stopped as it was a reply of the match so didn't even know that we qualified until later on the next day 

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