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Gerrard Talks About Tav

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6 minutes ago, Malkytfp1 said:

For me he is the one player we must keep. He adds so much to us. We seen how weak we were down the right hand side against Kilmarnock without him and to replace his numbers alone would cost ten's of millions.

I agree, if I had to choose between losing Tav or Morelos it'd be close but I'd rather keep Tav. Laughable that he's still not rated by some

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Don't know what to make of it tbh.

Tav has certainly improved and coming out of his shell and showing a bit of fire in the belly. I think Gerrard rates him, but I'd hazard to guess he might be bumming him up for a sale to get his own man in. Mind games?

Another hard call like Morelos. If moving him on,  you need to replace him with his equal or better. This last quarter he has been immense. 

All speculation, but looks like the whole team is beginning to click. Growing this last season under Gerrard, just as he has grown in understanding what it's all about up here. Either way, good quality additions in the summer, we will be quite a force.

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Our team have scored more goals than anyone this year

our team have the second best defensive record in the league this year

Tav is 5th for goals scored 


our captain has contributed massively this season and I can’t wait to see him hold some amount of Silverware above his head. 

He’s a very important player to us

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9 hours ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Wants to cash in on him then.

I’m 50/50 on what Gerrard is saying. I think he’s happy for him to stay(and would be first choice right back) but also happy to get a wad of cash for him.

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