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Sons of Struth speak up!


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I seem to remember folk were asking why certain fans groups such as SoS had been rather quiet about the partial stadium closure etc. Fear not folks we have a statement! If I was unkind I'd say it does nothing to dispel theories that the SoS are patsies of the board...


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1 minute ago, B1872 said:

Sons of Struth


There’s been many words spoken, many arguments started and much debate about “why us” since the UEFA ban was made public at the end of last week. I’ve seen many blogs and posts which question “what about them” and many claim “it’s not racist”. We’ve all seen claims of “I will never stop singing our songs” and countered with “we need to stop” but beyond all of this, one fact remains. If we carry on doing what we are doing our club will be sanctioned again.

We can argue all we like about the true meaning of words that are claimed to be offensive. We can point to others until we are blue in the face. We can highlight how one sided FARE are or attempt to debate how unfair UEFA sanctions are but none of this will change the fact our ground will be 3,000 bears lighter for an important Europa League play off on Thursday and we face potentially larger sanctions for any repeated reports of similar behaviour.

Many fans suggested this would be the outcome as soon as we started qualifying for Europe again after a few barren seasons. With hindsight it was inevitable and no amount of blogs, posts or shouting in public will change where we are.

So what should we do? There’s only two choices, we carry on regardless or we change. If we carry on regardless then we will see larger ground closures. It’s that simple.

We’ve all seen fans claim “they’ll not stop me singing what I want at Ibrox” and that may be true but regardless of how you view the songs that get us in to trouble, surely this attitude is putting person before club? If walking down the street singing any song of your choice could lead to criminal proceedings against the individual then it’s a matter of personal choice and personal risk but to do so in a stadium in full knowledge that you’re putting the club at risk does seem very selfish for a fan of any club.

I’m not intelligent enough to convince 50,0000 folk how to behave nor influence a full house at Ibrox. I’m not educated enough to fully debate the intricacies of either side of should we/shouldn’t we argument but I’m wise enough to know that if we don’t do something it will only get worse and those who are adamant they’ll sing what they want will jeopardise our clubs future in Europe.

Despite all the above, no fan is better, bluer or more staunch than the next and those taking the moral high ground against others are neither more righteous nor more correct as there are few clear lines in this debate other than to continue will see our club face more sanctions. Some of the words and phrases used buy those on both sides of this debate would make you question if those arguing are actually fans of the same club. As usual polar positions are highlighted more on social media but in the real world I’m convinced the Rangers fans will do what’s needed to protect our club.

If we are completely honest, there’s very few fans who’ve not sung the songs that are causing issue. They’ve been sung by most in homes, cars, buses, clubs and pubs for generations but it’s clear now that some of these songs will cause more grief for the club if they’re sung in stadiums. To point the finger at anyone who sung them yesterday proves pointless and to apportion blame is futile. It’s what we do tomorrow that’s important.


Continuing to sing them in an act of defiance and standing up for my rights or finding other ways of supporting my club vocally? I understand both stances but I know what choice will protect my club.

We’ve a long tradition as fans of putting our club before most other things in our life. Hopefully we do the same again on Thursday.

Many thanks, I tried to copy and paste but didn't quite manage!

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1 minute ago, Siam69 said:

Nothing wrong with what it says.

Esky said basically the exact same in a post last night. I don't remember anyone posting responses to him like the above.



Aye but he gets a lot more respect from most members in here than those idiots from SoS 

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