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Reducing Their Allocation


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50 minutes ago, KingKirk said:

They can't hack it without 7,500 bigots roaring them on.

Was thinking earlier that since there is less of them roaming about matchday violence has went down. Only real troubles was when the game was held at Parkhead and there were loads of them running around.

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11 minutes ago, Virtuoso said:

One of the better decisions in recent years and long overdue.

All it took was one guy on FF (can't remember who?) to suggest it and get the ball rolling. Kudos to that guy.

It was to be expected that they would do the same though.


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Fantastic decision by the club. The more Rangers fans at Ibrox for big games the better. The people who say it ruins the "atmosphere" talk out their arse as well. Ibrox has been buzzing both games vs them. Out of the 4 games it's definetely hindered them more than us.

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2 minutes ago, BlueAvenger said:

Still too many of the Separate Entity filth for my liking !! 

I agree with that but it is a good compromise to have them the same as the other teams. 👍 

It is just so much better than them filling the Broomy and making it seem like a home game for them, if only our board could do as well with other decisions. :happy:

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