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The end tonight


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18 minutes ago, Tiger Shaw said:

Just seen it in another thread, wisny them mate 🤣

Be funny to see what the scottish mhedia make of it. In a week where fan behaviour has been a hot topic and fans should be on their best behaviour, they head to an away game set off flares to the same extent that Warsaw did and then rammy with the security when they try to remove the ones setting off the flares. 

English media already asking if they can use the videos fans have posted. Scottish media will be 4 pages front and back at "Lennys away master class" 

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4 minutes ago, Lord Lockin said:

Katic taking on 7 off them - a bit one sided

I noticed they had their fill of the Big Man and turned their attentions to Ojo when they realised everyone else but the shortest guy on the pitch would kick their cunt in. 

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7 minutes ago, shenders said:

In my head Alfredo standing alone looking at them all is thinking

"Look at those mad bastards why cant they be a calm mild tempered individual like me" 

He was probably itching to get involved but it seems the message has sunk in.

Score goals, play as you normally do, stay out of trouble and that Premier League move is all yours.

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