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The ongoing BBC dispute - over 10 years now!

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2 hours ago, 72barca said:

Anybody on here missing them?

probably about 10 years since i actually deliberately switched bbc scotland on for anything to do with football.....well apart from a couple of documentaries and record sportscene to pick holes in their analysis on our match.
Rotten organisation riddled with Rangers haters,which was past it's purpose years ago.
Needs shut down.
probably watch bbc ni more on sky. 

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6 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Yeah. With hindsight they did a pretty good piece on how dodgy he was!

McCoist had banned them from press conferences I think though that Summer. 

Iirc he was discussing what happened with Lennon the previous season and they edited it as if he was laughing at him being attacked etc.

Then that mad men thing before the Motherwell game.

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1 minute ago, G.E.C. said:

Iirc he was discussing what happened with Lennon the previous season and they edited it as if he was laughing at him being attacked etc.

Then that mad men thing before the Motherwell game.

Aye the first incident was really bad the way they edited it.

From memory the Mad Men thing wasn't too bad, it was just a bit clumsy.

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21 hours ago, MisterC said:

Current dispute is longer than that. I'm sure it goes back to when we played hibs in the championship and gollum reported something about the fans that was false. His press privileges at Ibrox were then revoked and the bbc decided they would no longer send reporters to Ibrox.

Yes I remember that, a great performance and really enjoyable game, there was a real feel good factor afterwards. I remember watching McLaughlin in equal measures of amazement and disgust bypassing the great football and reporting on some alleged non-incident in a car park I think. I was in mixed company and one of the non Rangers supporting lads even commented how ridiculous and out of order he was…

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8 hours ago, Colin Traive said:

One “journalist” (McLaughlin) has had his press privileges removed (as opposed to a ban) because of his consistent bias.

His reporting of the 6-2 win at Easter Road was embarrassing and that prompted the removal of his privileges for the second time. He had already had this sanction previously but was given a second chance. His report on the Hibs game proved that he could only contain his bile for so long.

The game was in August, glorious sunshine, pitch in fantastic condition and two teams who should really have been in the top tier. It was a wide open game, great football from both sides and eight goals. It was actually quite close for most of the game, despite the final score line, a couple of late goals flattered us a little.

Hugely positive advertisement for the Scottish game, plenty to enthuse about - but Gollum spent nearly all of his match report chuntering on about the terrible songs that the evil Rangers supporters were singing.

His privileges were withdrawn and the BBC opted not to send anyone in his place. If they couldn’t have their preferred bigot, then they would send no one.

At no stage has any reporter from the BBC or the BBC as an organisation ever been banned from Ibrox.

Personally I think it is unacceptable that the national broadcaster is allowed to be vindictive towards one particular club and, yes, I do miss hearing the thoughts of our manager and players.

Should have been resolved years ago but God knows when it will be sorted.

The cunts hate us, it’s that simple.

Gollum got hold of the Match Commanders report and hammered the 2 Rangers Fans arrested for sectarian singing line. He’s never previously asked for the report at any other game. We were right to revoke his press privileges. 

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