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what do we still need?

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We need a full squad better than what we have because sure as fuck new arrivals will take time to settle, there'll be form issues, injuries, suspensions.

Honest to fuck, and I don't see it all being achieved this window or even season, but folk thinking only about the starting 11 are underestimating the job at hand.

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In order of necessity:

Quality striker

Cover fullback

Quality CM

Quality winger

Cover CB

I honestly feel like Ejaria was a waste of a signing, because he doesn't really solve any problem and we still need another CM on top of him and Arfield. I put CB last because with Goldson, Katic, Alves, McCrorie, Cardoso we have enough starters and cover if need be but if we're going 3 at the back I'll change my viewpoint on that. We definitely need another good striker and we may as well try and find one who's better than Morelos. Really short on numbers at fullback, we need a dominant CM and I'd like more quality on the wing if we can. If we're 3 at the back then I'll swap CB up to around 3rd and winger last

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In total imo the squad need 3 keepers, 4 full backs, 4 CHs,  5 CM/AMs, 4 Wide Midfielders/wingers, 4 forwards.

Miles to go to fill that complement with players good enough.

Arguably only keepers we don't need to work on right now though I'm sure we could do better than Wes.

All other areas we're miles short.


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Still need 5/6 quality starting players, the players need to start fearing for their place and the prospect of being dropped and rotated.

One quality winger

A great number 10 

a box to box midfielder 

Solanke (still leaves us with no third choice ST)

CB (still leaves us with only 3 good CB's and potentially playing a back 3)

Either a new starting RB/LB and cover for both (still leaves us with one full back who can't defend)

Some squad options that actually scare the opposition and excite us and don't leave us with a bench that looks like it's from the third division

That's minimum what's truly needed and assuming nobody leaves, defensive midfield is basically the only position that when fully fit we have options and even at that apart from McCrorie, Rossiter and Jack have proven nothing yet.

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Another centre half

a left back/wing back that can also play on the right.  John as back up left back.  

A defensive ball winning midfielder, big tall and strong and won’t be bullied.

an attacking midfielder. 

A winger, maybe even two. 

A big strong commanding striker good with the ball at his feet and won’t be bullied.

Whilst getting rid of the deadwood.  Also some loans as back up. 

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CB cover

A full back/cover 


2 strikers (Solanke) 

Winger (Wilson)  

I don’t think we’ll be far off something like this line up. 


Goldson Alves Katic

Tav Arfield Rossiter McCrorie Wilson/Murphy

Morelos Solanke

Bench- Foderingham, John, Cardoso, Ejaria, Jack, Candeias, cover striker.  

All fit and well of course. 

So aye we probably need a CB cover, a wingback/wingback cover, striker cover and a starting CM looking at that line up. 

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