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He’s the only player deserving pass marks today. 

I accept he got caught on the wrong side of McGregor for their first and couldn’t put a foot in or risk a penalty but, even then, it took a collective effort of shambolic defending thereafter to gift them their first.

I thought that he was outstanding again today.

He’s our strongest, fastest and most determined  player AND, sadly, our main attacking threat.


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He should've clattered mcgregor when he had the chance. Its inexperience that he didnt. That aside thought he was probably our best player. But there wasn't much competition for it.

Probably worked harder than any other today. And at least he never shat anything like our reserve left back.

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Bassey did well.

Expect him and Lundstrum are going to be the backbone of our team for a few years.

Major downsizing on the cards now.

Guys like Souttar coming in to replace Goldson etc. People will be daftly excited about this, only to figure out it is a massive step down.

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2 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Honestly can't grasp what game people watch.

Someone is 'immense' and 'outstanding' when he shat it for the first goal. Also ran away from Rogic as well.

He also lost Maeda twice AND Ralston twice that gave them 4 good chances to score. He was horrific and his crossing % was uterly embarrassing.

Aye but he got forward and won a couple of challenges, woohoo..

It’s called ‘having a differing opinion’.

talking of which, his crossing was a damn sight better than Tav’s, Kent’s etc.

Clearly you don’t place much value on pushing forward and getting stuck in during old firm games. If his team mates had shown the same desire then they might not be sitting in the dressing room with their head in their hands right now.

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Barisic being an utter coward has blinkered the whole support when it comes to Bassey. He is fucking terrible. Whole defence needs blown up in the summer, we concede goals identical to their second in literally every game we play. 

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11 minutes ago, The Beast said:

He wasn't the worst today but that's not saying much. He should have crippled the fucking phantom of the opera before he got near the box.



I agree with that but still was head and shoulders above everyone else IMO.

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