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That “challenge” on Jack


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Just now, scottyc06 said:

Again though, it wasn’t given! 

Arfield stood still while getting his shirt pulled & squared up to - yellow card! 

Goldson, an ariel challenge, with no intent to touch the player - yellow card! 

That team of officials were fucking stinking today!! 

Big calls were right imo, 4 or 5 yellows went against us/For them that were wrong. Happens from time to time, so need to see if the pattern continues... 

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1 minute ago, sandyinroyalblue said:

In a man's game yes but in zero tolerance Scottish football where a kick out is violent conduct then expect May to be banned for the rest of the season surely?

Thought Morelos was red and May was yellow, so no.

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5 minutes ago, sandyinroyalblue said:

Went in with the intent of wiping out Jack and was successful,tarrier cheat Clancy might as well have given May a pat on the back.

That's why the club needs to complain as losing us points and injuring young players careers.

The sheep think that's acceptable as the on,y way they can win or draw games.


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Just now, psb07158 said:

Dom Ball should have been sent off for the pull on Windass. The rules are the rules. If Clancy has spotted a foul and given the penalty, he has to give the red unless he deemed Ball to be making an attempt at winning the ball - a pull back on Windass is not an attempt at winning the ball. 

We score a penalty and Aberdeen down to 10 and it’s a completely different game again mate.  Probably my biggest gripe from the game today

I think tgere was enough red strips en-route to the ball to put an element of doubt as to a 'clear goalscoring chance'. Can see why it wasn't red, but should be at least yellow.

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