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***** The Official Champions Vs Malmo Match Thread*****


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Need both the fans and players to work together here

Need the players to come out and absolutely swamp the malmo team, dont let them settle even for a minute, when that happens the fans roar them on, get into the heads of the malmo players

Now if we score early, say first 15mins the fans crank it up another notch, lift our guys and batter the malmo guys into submission however if we dont get an early goal the crowd has to relax and not get on the players backs so long as the players keep showing the hunger and desire to get the goals needed 

One cannot be fully effective without the other in this game, yesterday was shite, last Tuesday was shite but thats done now, all that matters is getting that goal lead to at least give us something to build on

If the players dont give fuck all though and we go behind, then fuck it, storm the pitch for all that it matters lol

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38 minutes ago, STEPPS BOY said:

Expect the same team as yesterday bar Mcgregor for Mcglaughlin and Arfield for Kamara.

Absolutely massive game.

Time for Tav, Goldson, Barasic, Lundstram and especially Kent to stand up and be counted.

Dont think lundstrum plays, think aribo moved to midfield and wright starts

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Lundstrum doesn’t deserve to play but probably will because we’re light on options. 

Aribo looked good as a forward 3 yesterday so I’d be surprised if he came into the middle too. 

We’ve put ourselves under unnecessary pressure with performances and results in the last week we really need a result here or our confidence will really start to go and we face a trip to Kazakstan 3 days before the OF

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It’s not looking good. We don’t look like scoring. We need to get stuck in and play it like a cup final . I just hope they are practising penalties and………free kicks(so far they have been too soft or not on target/hit the wall). Crossing also should be practised as so far this season it’s been rubbish.



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2 hours ago, BLUEDIGNITY said:

Kent needs to stop the tanner ba’ stuff and release the ball quicker instead of that try to beat the man again and again then lose the ba’ ! 

He’s been diabolically bad. He gets the ball and it’s end of move a lot of the time. Too many performing poorly though 

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3 hours ago, graeme_4 said:

The Rule is a decent sports bar. No idea if there’s a particular bias. Would book ahead though. 

Looks like they aren't showing it unfortunately. 

I'll stoat about st andrews try find somewhere :lol:

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1 hour ago, Darrenmt7 said:


Tav  Goldson Helander  Barasic 

              Aribo  Davis 

     Sakala     Hagi      Kent


Like this line up,Patterson and or Kelly ready to play a forward role from the bench.

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After 2 really bad performances on the bounce I shall watch this one more with hope than belief. We must high press from the kick off. Keep the ball in and around their box and shoot on sight. No need to walk it into the net. We score early and they will get rattled. As I see it our only hope.

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