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Do you support the SFAs Scotland team?


Scotland team  

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1 hour ago, AlCapone said:

Well do you?  Personally I hope they get pumped 

I never really supported them, but I got in countless arguments on here defending Rangers fans right to still support the national teams. 

I can’t defend it anymore. 

Hope they get pumped every game now. Utterly infested by the filth and the Rangers hating diddy clubs. Hijacked by the independence campaign. The way McLeish was treated and Clarke getting the job was the last straw for me. 

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I used to support them and rarely missed a match through the 70's and eaerly 80's. Gave up when players were being booed, not for how they were playing, but for the club they played for.

The straw that broke the back though was when the SFA tried to kill off one of their member clubs. Following a Scotland match I look for the scores the following day and smile if they have lost.

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Has it not been 'taken over' by Scottish Nationalists, who hate anything British and Rangers just as much if not more than their support for the Scottish team?

If so I can understand Bears not supporting them, but each to their own, I can see the "why let them win/take over' argument as well. 

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The divisive bastards have a perverse rationale where it’s a race to the bottom and it’s reflecting itself on the national team. 

Until we have a country that doesn’t condone child abuse getting covered up we don’t deserve a national team and that team is far from a normal Scotland team. It’s picked from idiotic media pundits via cowardly football managers who pander to them. Our once great country is fucked. 

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Think anyone who read any of my comments on the euro qualifiers thread last night will know I fucking despise them, I even unashamedly stuck a few quid on Russia to beat Scotland last week and again stuck a few quid on Belgium last night, Scotland are dead to me apart from when I think I can win a few quid by them getting pumped which let's face it is more often than not, Fuck Scotland 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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I did until recently.  The level of hatred for Rangers is mind blowing. You get Dundee hivs or sheep fans frothing at the mouth talking about "sevco." They seem to like the paedos though.  Seen on facebook today a bit about shankland getting the championship player of the month and there was a comment suggesting he could be an option for Scotland and there was a Dundee hivs fan saying its only "The Rangers" players who get called up when not in the top flight.  He even got in a bit about Lee Wallace  being a grass! Their level of obsession and hatred is staggering. 

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