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“I don’t know if the belief is there”

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4 minutes ago, The Godfather said:

He came through at a club where success was expected at all levels.

He won quite a bit with them iirc.

No shock he gets it and the others don't.

Get them to fuck 

We're supposed to be a winning club, cut off the same cloth.

Yet only he fucking understands it,

Not the ones that have been here for years and have met all our legends, some no longer with us. Seen all the footage and all the history and trophies this club was founded upon.

The core are fucking cowardly losers, with no belief, and here a newcomer no long in the door telling us as we all expected.

But we've endured it for years!?

See done with the same old faces, I'm going to end up ranting again 😂

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Finally a bit of honesty from one of our players - a few shitebags in our squad might not be too chuffed with what he's said but he's bang on the money as far as i'm concerned. This kid's cut from a different cloth than most of the serial losers in our squad, just hope his words have the right effect on them.

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Good to finally hear exactly what we've all been thinking come from the mouth of a player. 

But this is why the so called "leadership group" need raced this summer because the mindset Dujon clearly has will ultimately be wilted down and destroyed if he spends another season or 2 round the perennial losers. 

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