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Whats your favourite Rangers song

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beararse’s Steven song from the other day tbh.

The billy boys nothing better than being up to your knees in good old catholic blood.

A Trip To Ibrox. Have You Seen The Glasgow Rangers not far behind

55 minutes ago, Colin Traive said:

Old school choice for me, Derry’s Walls to the tune of Amazing Grace.

Don't know why it went out of fashion.


Was just about to mention that, you've saved me the bother, don't know why we stopped singing it, I loved how we use to sing that and then straight into the upbeat cry was no surrender.

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1 hour ago, Camshy said:

The one that ALWAYS gets me, and always the same bit where the whole stadium sing and join in.......ALL TOGETHER NOW.

Hairs on back of neck and feel super proud and privileged to be part of it all everytime I hear it

Big Marco Negri’s favourite and mine.

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