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Gio Discussion Thread

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Just now, MrMckee said:

Everything has got worse since he came in. Obviously the coaches are not as good as beale etc.

Literally the only positive besides Europe is he got Morelos playing well again, lundstrum too but his tactics are all wrong for us domestically. What works in Europe doesn't work against 95% of the league

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Guys a loser.

Let's a jobber own him and us, unacceptable and I couldn't give a flying fuck about some Europa results that mean fuck all at the end of the season.

Our board and Gio have ruined our season and the next dozen too now.


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Pathetic tactics and watching the second half you would never have known the season depended on it.  On reflection, they strolled the second half.  We as shitey shots from outside the box, that's it.  Cross after cross with Roofe upfront 😂

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Thought we were way too passive and didn’t look like a team that wanted to go and take the game to celtic and put a marker down to win the league. In the end we went out with a bit of a whimper. 

We look absolutely impotent with Morelos what a hammer blow that was to have him missing. Absolute no cutting edge without him leading the line. Roofe worked hard and tried to put himself about but he just can’t offer what Alfie gives us, nowhere near the same presence. 

I thought Jack and Lundstram playing as the two holders was far too negative, we had so many players in our own defensive third at times. They’re taking the ball off the centre halves when they should be 30 yards higher up the pitch. That meant we had less players and options in the celtic half. 

Not enough from Kent or Aribo frankly we need way more from both of them on days like today. Aribo hasn’t kicked a ball for months. Ramsay tried to make things happen some of which was decent some of it was absolutely brutal. 

League over, absolute shite. 



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1 minute ago, EMRFC said:

We also wouldn’t have been smashed 3-0 in the first half against them either 

Aye. You can't expect to win every OF but that performance was an absolute disgrace.

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Just now, JC10 said:

GVB must take some responsibility but equally we were miles ahead of them at the end of last season and didn't strengthen.

It takes a bit of long term thinking to sell your best assets while their stock is high and reinvest, Gerrard and Wilson took the easy option of keeping the squad from last year and we have looked turgid and stale all year (bar Europe which is the thing that really pisses me off that we keep excelling there but throw points away in the league)

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