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He's going to be an asset.

Can tell he's a player. Still probably rusty considering it's July but the way he moves and the guile he's got on that left peg. 

Not only that he can look after himself and works back.

Exciting times!

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1 minute ago, Prso's headband said:

Said from the outset he’s a good player. He’s played a decent number of times for liverpools first team, more than your average reserve loan signing. 

He’s very strong, and like I said earlier today he’ll contribute more than Kent. He won’t be as fancy and have players doubling up but he’ll come up with the goods. 

Kent on the other side would be really fantastic 

He’s better as he’s more direct and scores.

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Well pleased wi the lad but he needs to remember he's in a team.Few times he had the space to put the ball across the box,instead tried to set himself up for a shot and lost the ball,acceptable today but not against better teams,in saying that,scored a cracking goal.

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First time I saw him was Sunday and his goal today was exactly the same finish, great left peg it seems.

We cannot get too over the top after a friendly and this game today, but he certainly has ability and will hopefully have a great season with us. 

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