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Gerrards fault


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Starting with no wingers and with Defoe was a terrible decision and ultimately cost us.  Second half they had the initiative to dive around, defend and counter attack. 

Not good enough and no excuses as they weren’t that great today either. 

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Its effectively a new backline for them with what is potentially a bombscare at LB, and we didn't go for them once its absolute stupidity.

We should have flew out the traps and gave them somethig to think about but instead we sat off and let them get into a rhthym.

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Squad is a mess, no real alternative to Tavernier who's having a nightmare recently, LB problem even worse with no real first starter. The one piece of the puzzle most agreed we needed after last season(attacking midfielder) still not there. Shoehorning Arfield out wide every game because the wide players are bang average. Ojo is a dud but seems to have bulletproof vest on with Gerrard, Aribo posted missing for two biggest games of the season so far. 

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I'm generally not one to criticise our starting 11 as we have great strength in our squad (well I thought we did!).

However I don't think many of us were happy with the starting 11.  We know how to beat them. We know the formula. We know what they hate. I have no idea why we didn't do what we've done the past two games.

That said very few players get an pass marks. McGregor obviously and possibly Davis.

Lack of creation, shots, urgency. 


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His team selection and even subs were a mess but make no mistake, the issue we have is the same as last season.

The lack of quality in the 3 players behind Morelos.

If teams play an open game against us then we’ll have success, any team playing 10 men behind ball and we toil badly.

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