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Thought he was the only poor player against Legia on Thursday and was invisible today. 

He clearly has talent but he has been drifting in and out of games far too often and I noticed that being the main criticism Charlton fans had of him as well. 

It's clearly a menatlity thing and something Gerrard is going to have to drill into him to keep his tempo up and keep looking for the ball and carrying it forward. Boy has talent but needs to step up

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1 minute ago, Laudrup1984 said:

We could probably start a thread on every player to be honest, most of which wouldn't make great reading.

Gerrard and players let us down big time.

Yup, Aribo was the biggest disappointment for me today though

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I will defend him in for the 1st half as he was played way out of position.....him playing so far up with his back to goal is not his game, by the time he was moved for the 2nd half the game was clearly passing him by....Gerrard picked the wrong team and set up today...its clear it didn't work for certain players 

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