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Singing going forward...


Singing going forward...  

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  1. 1. Will you still sing songs that UEFA have deemed sectarian?

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5 minutes ago, Falcoholic said:

Absolutely not. These fuckers are after our club, our stadium, our lives and our families. Nothing would please them greater than for some or all of the individual Rangers supporters to have their lives completely ruined because of their faux offense to a word they use to describe themselves.

Box clever bears.

Surely boxing clever is to only sing in domestic matches until they give us a warning? Cant punish Rangers until they have warned us first

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I certainly will not in any UEFA games, (what I voted) as far as the domestic games are concerned like Sunday v abusers.fc I cannot be sure, I never go out thinking 'today I will mostly be singing bad words at the game', but if someone starts Super Rangers and we are winning I just might sing a bad word or two, it is actually my favourite bad song.  :happy:

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The pc business is a booming industry now with songs that have been sung forever now squarely in the cross hairs, as plenty have said smartness required or we will be getting battered with fine after fine  with plenty listening ready to put the boot in, the billy boys at full volume is the best football chant bar none, single word change required to keep us on the right side of cunts that will not go away.

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No, as it will end us getting thrown out the competition. We will have to cut it out in the games as well as they will be trying to fuck us somehow.

I personally think its daft as football used to be a way of letting off steam and who really cares what songs we sing or are sung at us sadly it will be just us that's punished for it so it will have to stop.

Football now is getting a bit sterile.

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37 minutes ago, kingtom80 said:

                      lets stand together sing the same songs just change

                      some of the words,that seems to offend some people.

I just don't think you can risk that mate 

Not on thursday certainly 

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