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Just now, STEPPS BOY said:

Yeah, ‘ his quote is “we’ve lost our hunger”


That’s from this teams vice captain.


that is where we are at.

Called the cunt out for a long time

Hes lower end championship at best. Gerrard made him think he was Beckenbauer 

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1 minute ago, Laudrup1984 said:

That plus Gerrards similar comments about achieving their remit is pretty telling. So much has been made of 55, and rightly so. However, if anyone thinks winning 55 is the end game, feet up, legendary status then they should be chased out of Ibrox.

What a pitiful mentality to have.

Something hasn't been right all season. Gerrard hasn't been right. In hindsight a lot of what has already happened this season is as clear as day. No doubt that has filtered through the team. Gerrard, the management and the whole squad are complicit in all of this.

Now Gerrard has gone, fuck knows how these type of characters will react now. Well, today is more than enough for me. Certainly wouldn't want them in the trenches.

Anyone can win once. Winning again is the real challege.

It's not too late to fix this. We are still in a very strong position. Gio has some massive calls to make though.

Gio will need to be a magician to get that lot up for it. You have the best mate of our captain saying they don't have it anymore. 


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Having a mare off the park as well as on it.  
Was all over the place today, his confidence is shattered unfortunately.  
Another unfortunate thing is that our captain & vice captain are not the sharpest tools in the box.  
If that’s what he thinks then so be it, but by fuk don’t fkn broadcast it !!

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3 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

He’s chucked it and I think he’s said  that today on purpose too. He’s wanted away all season and now Gerrard isn’t here his desire to leave has only been accelerated. There’s no way he’s here by the time the window closes. Absolutely zero.

Aye I absolutely think it's his way of getting the club to accept anything in January. 

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Anyone can be a winner once, it’s coming back and doing it time after time that makes you great 

‘Losing the hunger’ after one medal is fucking pathetic. When we were down those tarrier bastards were determined to win every single thing and ram it down our throats. We can’t even get up for a semi final against Hibs 

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