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SPFL On Red Alert


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Here we go again.

Taken from Daily Rhebel website, don't give it hits.


Nicola Sturgeon has SPFL on Covid red alert as Wales lock supporters out amid 'significant development'

Every club in Scottish football was placed back on Covid red alert as fears grow that the new Omicron strain might send the game back into lockdown.

And concerns have been heightened with the Welsh Government announcing sport is going behind closed doors from Boxing Day.


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24 minutes ago, GersInCanada said:

Thing is that won't be known for a while and so they will take the cautious approach.

Not true mate, I've seen on the news that they have run the lab tests and it is a very mild variant.....it's because it is easily transmitted that is causing them to panic....whilst they fanny about worrying about people catching the equivalent of the cold the emergency services are getting stretched because of isolation which puts other lives at risk because they may not get the medical treatment they need in time

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1 minute ago, eskbankloyal said:

Been told Sunday will now be behind closed doors (well 500 can attend) and will be the case for 3 weeks. 


If it's for three weeks i'd hope normal business resumes after the winter shutdown.  Absolutely scunnered it's at this stage. Again. 

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